Timeshare Software TrackResults Implements OnDemand Marketing for Timeshare Reporting on Inbound, Outbound and Mail Tour Tracking

Park City, UT – June 2013 /  Phoenix-based On Demand Marketing, which delivers pre-qualified prospects to sales presentations, has partnered with Timeshare Software TrackResults, the leading provider of Business Intelligence, Sales Reporting and Digital Manifesting.

According to Juan Pineyro of On Demand,

We decided to partner up with TrackResults, because we cannot find any data solution that even comes close to the raw power and flexibility we see in the analytics available within the TrackResults system. To be able to utilize such a comprehensive and polished system will enhance our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations even further.

On Demand uses a combination of both outbound and inbound phone room technology, and state of the art direct mail processes to deliver prospects, to client’s sales locations.
On Demand Marketing Partners with TrackResults Software

We are always excited when a new client partners with TrackResults and we get a little more so when a client as VPG-centric as On Demand Marketing becomes a user. Using analytics to identify peaks and valleys in VPG and many other metrrics will help this first rate marketer become even more valuable to their clients — Sean Nickerson Co-founder of TrackResults Software.

Pineyro says, All of our tour guests are pre-qualified and prepared to receive sales presentations based on each individual client’s specific criteria. Our marketing techniques are uniquely tailored to eliminate the propensity of just booking tours for the sake of throwing bodies through the door. Our background has always been very VPG-centric. This association with TrackResults definitely helps us not to merely generate tour flow, but more specifically generate sales for our clients.

Park City, UT – June 2013 Timeshare Software TrackResults, known in the timeshare industry for providing instant sales and marketing analytics with insights delivered in real time, has announced its May results for Average VPG Net Processable sales “State of the Industry” ( SOTI ) statistics.

Timeshare clients using TrackResults’ dashboards and analytics to aid fact-based decision-making in the sales and marketing arena report an average VPG (Volume Per Guest) of $3,764. Travel Clubs are coming in at $1,111. The figures exclude pending transactions which became good and trade-ins, as well as equities.