Salt Lake City, UT – November 2016

For Immediate Release


TrackResults upgrades 24 client accounts

TrackResults recently completed a mass upgrade of 24 legacy clients. The upgrade was necessary to continue to support legacy installations on versions older than Version 27. In general, the upgrade included up-to-date security, field level auditing, and additional flexibility to add new fields in the system. While this functionality has been part of TrackResults for 5 years, this set of customers had never felt the need to upgrade their system.

While TrackResults is well known for its analytical power in the timeshare industry, an estimated 60% of sales centers selling travel club products use TrackResults to capture and analyze their everyday activity. The clients included in this upgrade are actively engaged in both club and timeshare sales and have successfully run their business on TrackResults for 5 years or more.

Ryan Williams, Vice President of Business Development had this to say: “These clients are entrepreneurs that work hard and manage all their sales through TrackResults. They operate more efficiently in comparison to their counterparts in their industry space. Many bought TrackResults and stay with us because the fees are low, the system easy to use, and the analytics give managers insight to drive continual improvement. They simply can’t find that combination anywhere else.”


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About TrackResults
TrackResults Software, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a cloud-ware business application that has helped more than 250 sales and marketing centers track and analyze more than 40,000 sales and marketing professionals. This timeshare software platform provides crucial Business Intelligence and Sales Reporting and is accessible from any web-enabled device or web browser. Capable of tracking results of teams, organizations, sales-forces and marketing campaigns, TrackResults’ mission is to sharpen and provide the competitive edge to every team that wants to raise the bar, and get to the next level of performance and profitability. For more information visit

TrackResults has released a series of bug fixes to our V29.08 deployments. These fixes are specifically targeted to improving the speed and efficiency of the user experience:
  1. Repaired the Create New Dashboard Pane Report Types to display based on Permissions.
  2. Repaired the Quick Flip of Report Types to display based on Permissions.
  3. Repaired Filter Function “Exclude”.
    note: Exclude acts as a shortcut to “Include all, Except” and will return results if there are other values within the same field. For example: Exclude gift “B” will return a tour with gifts A,B,C, but will exclude tours with gift “B” only.
  4. Repaired Filter Function “Has Sale”.
  5. Repaired Multi Page Click Through & Show All (up to 1000 records) on Detail Reports.
  6. Repaired “Report on” and Filter Function for “Weeks of the Year” (Monday to Sunday).
    note: sort by day of week is still Sunday to Saturday.
  7. Customer Lookup now searches multiple values (separated by space).
  8. Search Users now searches FirstName LastName (separated by space).