TrackResults 6th Annual Poker Tournament

TrackResults is hosting its 6th annual charity fundraiser event benefiting on Sunday night, April 7th, coinciding with the blast-off of the ARDA World Global Timeshare conference in Orlando, Florida. Historically attended by only 100 invitation only sponsored poker players and special VIP guests, the incredibly fun annual Texas Hold ’em poker tournament (no cash prizes) is the primary source of support funds for SMOV cancer survivors. This event will occur at the appropriately named “Main Event” entertainment center, and has been repeatedly referred to as the highlight of the conference for 200 or so of the 3,000 or more attendees whom attend ARDA World. Timeshare industry executives and their management teams enjoy genuine facetime, networking with other industry powerhouses, tons of laughs, open bar cocktails, and a truly powerful philanthropic evening.

TrackResults puts a unique twist on its fundraising approach for this event by not opening it to the public. Hospitality industry leaders are invited to sponsor the event by making donations to reserve a limited number of player’s seats in the poker tournament, relative to the size of their donation or pledge commitment. To get a seat in the game you must receive a sponsor seat or becoming a sponsor yourself. To see a who’s who list of these sponsors, become a sponsor, or obtain a ticket to the event, visit

As a SMOV fundraiser, 100% of the net proceeds go to cancer survivors as a fully funded vacation at timeshare resorts around the world. These vacations are no strings attached to the cancer patient, and the green light from their physician is the only requirement. All the resort inventory and travel expenses for the patient’s travel is donated by timeshare industry resort developers, hospitality industry suppliers, service companies and timeshare travel clubs. These recovery vacations provide palliative care for the survivor to help recover from the mental, physical, financial and emotional damage of battling cancer.

Last week, a new individual record was set in our fundraising efforts by Valentinov Danchev. Val has supported SMOV for the past six years, and this year Mr. Danchev pledged $10,000, on the spot, when asked to donate. The size of Val’s pledge is already in the upper limits of our TrackResults corporate fundraising efforts, however when asked “Which brand do you want us to deliver the invoice for your pledge?,” Mr. Danchev replied “This is not a business transaction by our resort, rather this is my personal donation to help these brave survivors on the path to full recovery. I believe in these fighters and have seen the devastation of cancer first-hand.” Danchev then pulled his personal credit card from his pocket, handed it to our staffer to swipe and said “Please charge this to my personal card now, I’ll handle the details of accounting later.” This donation was the highest single transaction amount ever tendered from a single individual rather than a corporate entity in our seven years of soliciting donations and hosting this fundraising event.

Each year Valentino, through his partners and associations with Vidanta resorts, SQN Escapes, and his internal staff at Fidelis marketing, brings in waves of support to many charities. They volunteer with time, enthusiasm, and a one-team-one goal mentality that mines their extensive travel industry network to donate vacation resort dates, rooms, and fun activities to, and other charities, as true leaders in corporate citizenship.

Shawnah Sheehy, SMOV Board Member and COO of iMDirect Marketing said, “Running a non-profit is a constant labor of love. Organizing volunteers, donations, events, marketing and accounting is practically like having a second full-time job.” Cathy Backus, Founder of SMOV said, “Thank goodness we are lucky to have supporters like Val. He brings so much value to our organization, and his heart is in the right place.”

Chasing down C-suite executives for charitable donations can be an arduous task, requiring fundraisers to be willing to spend social equity and possibly impose on personal and business relationships. Fortunately travel industry professions are by nature a generous group, and it’s rare when we are soliciting yet “another ask” that we are turned down with some excuse espousing obstacles.

Drew Reynolds, TrackResults co-founder said, “Most CEOs and VP’s we approach can afford to write a personal check or whip out a credit card and donate a couple thousand dollars easily, and they do so because they really care. Val striking a personal check for 10k really sets the bar high for others to follow.” Todd Rogers, founder of the TrackResults poker tournament fundraiser said, “Even though some aren’t blessed with the good fortune of talent and success to be able to donate $10,000 like Val, virtually everyone is willing to donate something towards our cause. It may be a small donation or a pledge to go big next year, but everybody offers something up because I think we all lose a piece of ourselves when we lose someone to cancer. We just lost a friend and 25 year industry veteran named Brett Estes to cancer on February 7th. Brett was a great guy who helped others too. I recognize and respect that our sponsors are bombarded with requests for support donations; it can be overwhelming for them, and yet year after year they manage to find a way to say “yes, I want to help”.”

More about Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev:

K. Valentino Danchev is a successful businessman in the resort industry. He is the Founder of The Chilpayate Foundation, a non-profit organization created to assist children in need and their communities and an ardent supporter of Send Me On Vacation. Valentino is the CEO of Fidelis Marketing, the marketing firm that conducts all international timeshare sales for the Vidanta group of Mexico, which operates many hotel and timeshare brands including most notably the Grande Luxxe, Mayan Palace, and Grand Mayan / Grand Bliss brands, among others.

More About Send Me On Vacation

Send Me On Vacation is a non-profit organization that strives to provide assistance to breast cancer survivors who have been financially and emotionally devastated by cancer treatments. Send Me On Vacation provides the opportunity for mental and physical healing through a holistic recovery plan, helping breast cancer patients and survivors back to full health. Send Me On Vacation believes that a memorable vacation is a key factor in renewing, restoring, and rejuvenating a cancer survivor’s body, mind, and spirit.

More About TrackResults

Established in 2005, TrackResults is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. TrackResults is the leading provider of business-intelligence solutions for the vacation ownership industry and the only ARDA member company that is focused exclusively on marketing analytics, sales intelligence, digital manifesting and industry specific software consulting designed to help developers, club owners, and vendors improve efficiency by engaging in empirical data mining and applying prescriptive analytics. TrackResults was the sole recipient of the 2015 ARDA ACE Innovator Award for small business. 

TrackResults has created unique industry intelligence as a result of manifesting over 15 million tours, and its SaaS is accessible via any web browser or web enabled device. The TrackResults SaaS platform remains the only business intelligence software company designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing BI to timeshare and travel clubs. Over 300 sales forces and marketing teams in the vacation ownership industry worldwide trust TrackResults to provide a single truth that everyone can rely on. TrackResults is a Chairman’s League Member of American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Resorts of Distinction (ROD), Resort Developers Association(RDA), Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers(CARE), Mexican Resort Developers Association (AMDETUR) and The Utah Technology Council.

March 28, 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana – The annual TrackResults Poker Tournament, concluded this past weekend, and successfully raised over $78,000. The net amount raised will be donated to Send Me on Vacation (SMOV). SMOV is an organization dedicated to sending Breast Cancer survivors and their families on much needed vacations; after undergoing strenuous cancer treatments. The tournament was held at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, with the annual tournament coinciding with the timeshare industries largest event; the ARDA World Convention. “TrackResults has been instrumental in helping send dozens of survivors on vacation each year, their team is so dedicated to making this annual event a success, we are so thankful for their support” said Cathy Backus, SMOV’s board President.

The ARDA World Convention is held in different cities in the USA each year, and hosts thousands of timeshare industry professionals. This year’s conference was hosted in The Big Easy, New Orleans, LA, which offers a vibrant culture and scene that was truly the perfect gathering spot complimenting both the conference and the charity poker tournament. The convention serves as the perfect stage for this charity event. There was great energy and fun atmosphere at the conference, as friends and colleagues gathered and reminisced. The poker tournament provided an electric atmosphere, and was fun for everyone who attended.  This charity tournament has become a part of ARDA, and something that attendees really look forward to each year.

TrackResults founders have made a personal commitment to assisting Send Me on Vacation annually with this tournament. “We look forward to organizing this event, and being that this is such a perfect fit in our industry, we are honored to assist, its such a great cause and these women and their families truly need the vacations,” stated Sean Nickerson founding partner of TrackResults. The vacation ownership industry is built on selling vacation products and vacation related services.


Arsenio Bautista, from Occidental Resorts, claimed first place. Arsenio will take home the trophy & the grand prize of a full one week “Gourmet All Inclusive” at Karisma Hotel & Resorts Mexico /Caribbean / Dominican. TrackResults would like to congratulate and thank, all of the finalists and players for their performances and the sponsors, who helped make this an exciting event for a wonderful cause.

For the complete sponsor list please visit the Sponsorship Details page.

More About Send Me On Vacation
Send Me On Vacation is a non-profit organization that strives to provide assistance to breast-cancer survivors who have been financially and emotionally devastated by cancer treatments. Send Me On Vacation provides the opportunity for mental and physical healing through a holistic recovery plan, helping breast cancer patients and survivors back to full health. Send Me On Vacation believes that a memorable vacation is a key factor in renewing, restoring, and rejuvenating a breast cancer survivor’s body, mind, and spirit.

3rd Annual TrackResults Charity Casino Night !  Where: ARDAWorld 2016! Sunday May 1st 8:30 PM.
Sponsored companies stake their players into the competition for best player, or at least Best poker face.  It’s these companies who constantly lead by example in corporate citizenry. Many developers have joined TrackResults in supporting this charity event for years including the ever reliable Platinum sponsor, Vida Vacations and their Grand Mayan resorts. Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Starpoint Resort Group  and RCI have all signed on as Gold Sponsors. Silver Sponsors include Global Connections, Karisma Resorts, Westgate Resorts, Holiday Systems International, DAE Worldwide, RSI Vacations, Casablancaexpress and many other Bronze Sponsors level companies like Logicall marketing , ResorTime and Resort Management Services.


This is THE MUST ATTEND,  CANT MISS event of ARDAWorld 2016!  All proceeds go to, a 501 (c)(3) charity. SendMeOnVacations mission is to provide breast cancer survivors and their families,devastated by radiation and chemo treatment, the opportunity to take an all-expenses paid timeshare vacation ( UNHOOKED ) as part of their recovery and return to health.  We’re an industry full of people that know how to party and have a passion for providing good times and happy moments to people around the world.  Let’s make this a night to remember and help SMOV give these courageous survivors the joy of an unforgettable timeshare vacation.


This is a premier official ARDA sponsored event and is expected to sell out fast! Early registration is strongly recommended as seating is limited due to the venue.  You can register as a guest, player or sponsor at  The Texas Holdem Tournament begins at 8:30pm.

For the Record, each of the last 2 years, industry women have far outplayed the men statistically to the final table, with Vanessa Martin finishing first in 2015 and Hildy Rodgers taking 2nd place in 2014.   BlackJack games with premium open bar are also available for VIP non poker players networking venue. Qualify as a VIP by registering early and select VIP type ticket or contact a Sponsor for a FREE stake into the game !

TrackResults supports SMOV because SMOV supports our Industry survivors! Last year this event helped SMOV send 64 women on lifesaving survivor vacations. Timeshare Industry alert: ** If you have an employee of employee family member suffering from Breast cancer treatment.. please contact asap and just ask for a recovery vacation. Its that simple to start the process.

TrackResults 2nd Annual “Send Me on Vacation” Breast Cancer Charity Poker Tournament is coming up fast, and this year’s Pre ARDA WORLD evening event is shaping up to be even bigger and better than the first. The call to “go all in to help cancer survivors win” has rallied the support of industry-leading sponsors and supporters.

SMOV and TrackResultspoker tournament_top

This year marks the second running of TrackResults’s charity poker tournament servicing cancer survivors and terminal patients nationwide. TrackResults partners with Send Me On Vacation (SMOV), a 501 (c) (3) charity devoted to helping breast cancer patients and their families in order to fund all the costs associated with airfare, food, and incidentals for sending a recovering or terminal cancer patient to an amazing timeshare resort vacation:  no hooks, no cost, no catch, no problem; it’s just pure philanthropy.

This year’s VIP poker tournament will be held in Orlando at the Marriott’s World Center Resort on April 11th, the evening before the 2015 ARDA World Global timeshare event kicks off. In hopes to attract the early arrivals for ARDA, along with timeshare locals, TrackResults charity poker tournament will deliver all proceeds to in order to support the survivor vacation mission. Though the event is still a month away, the support from industry-leading companies and individuals is already above last year’s numbers. 

The Poker Tournament: How’s Your Poker Face?

Approximately 200 drinking, laughing, scowling players are expected to be seated for the battle of the coveted timeshare-industry tournament. Your company reputation is on the line, so bring you’re A game. Ten players will be seated to a table, one CEO or Executive included at each. Bet minimums increase every 15 minutes until the final table of 9 players is filled. Rebuys are permitted, and prizes will be awarded for numerous milestones, such as “Best Hand of the Night”, “Every 4 of a Kind”, “Biggest Bluff” and “SPONSOR BOUNTIES!” A bounty is where you win a prize for knocking out an official, sponsored, target player.

Each sponsor will identify one “ringer” (or bull’s-eye player). If you knock out that player, you get BONUS chips, plus the pot, a prize, and bragging rights. The list of prizes include: VIP tickets to Sundance Films Festival, dinner for 4 at Rockos Tacos, 150 MPH laps on the racetrack with exotic race cars, an all-inclusive timeshare vacation with AIR, mini vacations with Air to Vegas, and an IWatch. To see a list of more prizes and all the tourney rules visit:

Our GOAL for 2015

TrackResults’s lofty goal for 2015 is to help fund 52  breast-cancer patients on life-changing, memorable getaways to heal their minds, their bodies, and as much as possible, their families from the toll and havoc of breast cancer, one survivor vacation every week for 52 weeks—sound familiar?

The Sponsors –

Thus far, TrackResults and SMOV have rallied the support of 17 sponsors for this year’s event including: Westgate Resorts, Travel To Go, Festiva Resorts, Advantage Travel, Generator Systems, Vida Vacations (Cancun), CondoTravelClub,  CasaBlancaExpress, VacaStayConnect & Krisma Resorts, Resort Management Services, Grand Mayan Cabo/Vida Vacations, Global Connections, SaveOnResorts, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Unlimited Vacation Club, and SFX (San Francisco Exchange).

Individuals can register here.

Last year, we had 12 major sponsors from companies within the vacation-ownership industry,” said Sean Nickerson, CMO for TrackResults. “So the fact that we have 17 already pledged this year, and with a month to go, is exciting! We need 25 table sponsors total (only 7 more) for this event to hit the goal. This is an emotionally important event for us. Breast cancer affects so many women and families in our industry alone, as many as one in every eight women, in fact. Many of these families will know people who know people that we know. Often there is only 1 or 2 degrees of separation between you and the survivor. That’s why we’re devoted to making as much of a difference as we possibly can.”

Breast Cancer and Its Toll: It’s True—1 out of 8

Anyone who has ever experienced cancer for themselves, or has seen a loved one battle with the disease, knows of the toll it takes on individuals and their families. While cancer treatments are certainly financially burdensome, they are all the more emotionally and physically draining. One in eight, that’s the dreaded number, and it’s a staggering number to consider. With a statistical reality such as this, it’s highly likely that if you don’t already know someone affected by the disease, you will soon.

We Are Little. Cancer Is Big. But Together We Can Make A Big Difference

TrackResults knows the timeshare industry has hundreds of families that have been personally affected by breast cancer, and this is a huge reason as to why we rally to support the’s critical mission. We created this fundraising event for one very important purpose: We realized that while we do not have the resources to help cure cancer, we can do a lot to contribute to healing the affected by the disease, and we can do it by using timeshare-industry patronage.

Our industry is unique, and our people move mountains all the time. This fundraiser impacts the survivor right now, today—when the victims need it most. The impact is this:  all proceeds from the poker tournament will send a breast cancer patient on a timeshare vacation THIS SAME YEAR, in 2015. These are the immediate action and results we work so hard to achieve.

$1,000 Is A Drop In The Bucket. Let’s Fill The Bucket.  

TrackResults’s annual charity poker tournament delivers all proceeds to Send Me On Vacation—providing cancer patients, a stress free opportunity to create an amazing, lasting memory to offset the pains of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and grief.  The average survivor family receives about $1,000 – $1,200 in paid travel expenses from these fundraising events, not including all the free donated resort-developer inventory. We are honored to help SMOV change someone’s life today. So, please, join the cause with us, because even if you can’t attend, you can still help make a difference.
Click here to support the cause.

2015 Orlando ARDA Charity Poker Tournament

Attendees of the upcoming ARDA World Convention in Orlando, FL will now be able to gamble for a good cause at the TrackResults Business Intelligence “Go All In To Help Cancer Survivors WinInvitational Poker Tournament.

: The night before timeshare and vacation industry professionals will officially convene for the ARDA World Convention. 8:00pm Saturday, April 11th, 2015 

WhereOrlando World Center Marriott 701 World Center Drive  Orlando  Florida  32821  USA 

Cancer treatments are often financially devastating, these women rarely get the chance to simply stop and clear their minds after the grueling process of going through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. This is where Send Me On Vacation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, steps in to help these women make a simple dream come true. All of the funds that go towards sending these women on vacations are raised through donations and through events, such as the TrackResults Software Poker Tournament  “Go All In to Help Cancer Survivors Win.”

We want to thank our sponsors for all of the support they have given us for this event,” said Send Me On Vacation’s President, Cathy Backus. “We sincerely appreciate everyone coming out to the poker tournament and playing a part in achieving our goals of sending these women on the vacations that they need and deserve.”

To see last years photos and fun go to


Send Me On VacationTrackResults : Texas Holdem Poker Tournament to Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

Attendees of the upcoming ARDA World Convention in Las Vegas will now be able to gamble for a good cause at the TrackResults Business Intelligence “Go All In To Help Cancer Survivors WinInvitational Poker Tournament. The poker tournament will take place at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa at 8 p.m. the evening of Saturday, April 5, 2014, the night before timeshare and vacation industry professionals will officially convene for the ARDA World Convention. One hundred percent of the net proceeds of the poker tournament will benefit survivors through the efforts of Send Me On Vacation (SMOV).
The poker tournament will feature a total of 11 tables, with 10 of the tables being sold for a buy-in of $2,500. The playoff table, which is the “final table” level of sponsorship, is still available and up for grabs to the highest bidder who has the financial resources and desire to provide the most support.

Thus far, some of the companies that have have committed to sponsoring at “table level” in support of SMOV’s mission:  Travel To Go, Merlin Software, Westgate Resorts, Festiva Resorts, Wells Fargo, Brag Fire, Leisure Loyalty, Contact LLC, Chicago Title, and Nordis Direct. To receive a seat in the tournament, these are the sponsors who have control of the “buy-in” tickets.
Prize sponsors are still needed to support the cause with smaller donations. All prize sponsors receive press recognition, web mentions, listing on the sponsorship banners, and a seat in the tournament. Prizes will be awarded for play actions such as “Highest hand of the tournament,” “First person knocked out,” “Worst bad beat,” “Aces cracked” and raffle drawings.

for more info visit PokerNight7

  TrackResults software just returned from the 2nd annual event for  SMOV. Hosted at the Mayan Palace in Cancun, October 27 , this event included a Golf Scramble.and Tequila tasting party, Dinner hosted by Doug and Valentino at Tramonto’s  and lots of power networking.

Approximately 20 industry companies joined forces to raise funds in order to send Breast Cancer survivors on a much needed recovery vacation.

TrackResults Software Analytic’s staff was split into two teams for the golf scramble, and Todd’s foursome ( Included TravelToGo , CSA Travel Protection and Impact Marketing) officially took LAST PLACE.  New bonds were forged and old friendships renewed. A good time was had by all.

About SMOV :

May 5th,2012 :   TrackResults and  SFX  resorts in conjunction with  “SEND ME ON VACATION” (SMOV)  at the C.A.R.E. conference in St. Petersburg, FL, helped present 10 CD players and headphone sets to the “A Music Therapy CD Library” at the Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Cancer Center St. Anthony’s Hospital

TrackResults and SFX resorts manufactured 60 custom PINK polo shirts for the event with fully embroidered  sponsors logos, provided to anyone willing to show up and support this worthy cause.  Additionally, SMOV  Awarded  a cancer survivor with a completely FREE VACATION.  More than 60 people from the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers  attended and participated in providing benefits to these survivors.

According to the SMOV website, “Many women who have experienced treatment for Cancer will tell you that when the physical aspects of the battle end, the emotional struggles begin. The adverse effects of the treatment can leave women, their families and friends in shambles. We believe that an essential step in surviving this experience is to provide survivors with a well deserved vacation to CELEBRATE LIFE!”  Cathy Backus, Co President of SMOV and her teams of dedicated candystrippers worked tirelessly to fund this event.


60 pink shirts

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