May 5th,2012 :   TrackResults and  SFX  resorts in conjunction with  “SEND ME ON VACATION” (SMOV)  at the C.A.R.E. conference in St. Petersburg, FL, helped present 10 CD players and headphone sets to the “A Music Therapy CD Library” at the Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Cancer Center St. Anthony’s Hospital

TrackResults and SFX resorts manufactured 60 custom PINK polo shirts for the event with fully embroidered  sponsors logos, provided to anyone willing to show up and support this worthy cause.  Additionally, SMOV  Awarded  a cancer survivor with a completely FREE VACATION.  More than 60 people from the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers  attended and participated in providing benefits to these survivors.

According to the SMOV website, “Many women who have experienced treatment for Cancer will tell you that when the physical aspects of the battle end, the emotional struggles begin. The adverse effects of the treatment can leave women, their families and friends in shambles. We believe that an essential step in surviving this experience is to provide survivors with a well deserved vacation to CELEBRATE LIFE!”  Cathy Backus, Co President of SMOV and her teams of dedicated candystrippers worked tirelessly to fund this event.


60 pink shirts

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