SALT LAKE CITY, UT (May 17, 2013) — Timeshare Software TrackResults, known in the timeshare industry for providing instant sales and marketing analytics with insights delivered in real time, is exceeding more than 2.2 million views per month since February. TrackResults provides dashboards and analytics to aid fact-based decision-making in the sales and marketing arena.


The noteworthy statistics reflect actual page views visited by users while using Timeshare Software TrackResults’ web-based application. This includes developers and lead generators who depend on the Salt Lake City-based company to sharpen and provide the competitive edge to every team that wants to raise the bar, and get to the next level of performance and profitability.

According to Sean Nickerson, one of the founding partners of the company “on a monthly basis, TrackResults analytics are accessed on an average of about 59,000 times, each entrance being an industry professional with a minimum of a 30 minute lapse between the last page load. Approximately 9% of the users logged in, and used the dashboard only, then exited. About 50% of the views were simple changes to date ranges, or search criteria modifications. This shows how interactive the program is and just how simple it is to use.” If your looking for timeshare software, timeshare reports, travel club software, timeshare analytics, timeshare sales reporting, or and marketing business intelligence for vacation ownership, TrackResults is your team.

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