TrackResults has paid off a bit of Tech Debt and brought in some “Focus” to a few areas of the UX.
Featured Fix:
  • Customer Lookup is in Focus! Previously when typing search criteria into the Customer Lookup Bar, clicking Enter would trigger other action buttons on the same page before triggering the search. For example if you lookup-fixwere in a report builder and decided to do a quick search using the lookup, clicking enter would unexpectedly run the Analyze button rather than your search… Annoying right? Well we agree, so we fixed it!
    note: this issue was browser based, so you may need to clear your browser Cache in order for this fix to properly apply.
Other Improvements:
  • Dashboards: when setting your pane to report on and to sort by either abbreviated months, or by hours (fodashsortr example: Tour Times) the pane will now display the sort chronologically. Previously, these values would only sort alphabetically.
  • Dashboards: when adding a new pane or updating an existing pane the dashboard UX now brings you right to the pane you are working on, regardless of how big your dashboard is. Previously, updates would be saved to the pane, but you would be brought to the top of the Dashboard which may or may not show the pane you were working on.
The product team at TrackResults has started December strong. Here are a few of our latest updates.copypane
Featured, New Feature:
  • Dashboard Users now have the ability to create a Copy of any existing Dashboard Pane – saving significant time when creating multiple displays. Additionally, users can copy panes from one dashboard to another*, or even copy a pane to an individual report. Just look for the copy icon shown on the Pane when in Live-Edit Mode.

New Features & Improvements:

  • Users who are tracking Pender Cancellation Requests that later turn into a Save (aka Superseded Contract) now have workflow validation that requires the superseded contract to be initially set as “Pender”. After saving the superseding contract as a Pender, it can then be changed to it’s final status. This process assures all calculations in the Pender Efficiency and Lost Volume Efficiency Views are accurate.
  • Customer Log-in pages have new messaging. Don’t forget to contact us so we can add your company logo, or custom messaging!
 Bugs Fixed:
  • Repaired errors that occurred when using the Analytics Quick Flip tool – specifically, when changing from the Sales Efficiency to the Pender Efficiency View.
Customers Upgraded:
  • Twenty-three accounts are now upgraded to the latest version (29.08) of TrackResults Software.

*copying from one dashboard to another can be done only if the destination dashboard is a personal “My Dashboard” type.