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“Then On” Pivoting

“Then On” pivoting is one of our most underplayed features that I have learned NOT to live without. In product, we constantly run checks in the various accounts as we push new features and bug fixes. To be honest, it pains me when I land in an account that doesn’t have the Then On reporting […]


A Revenue Detail View You Can Count On

The TrackResults Revenue Detail View now offers more custom features than ever before. With up to 12 columns of data, you can summarize Sale Amounts, Down Payments, Remaining Balances, and include up to 5 Fee Types. One of our most prominent clients came to us with a request to not only break out how Down […]

More People Using TrackResults – New Clients of December 2016

The Sunset Group chooses TrackResults to power their marketing analytics. TrackResults accesses Sunset’s existing data via an API. Now key staff within Sunset can move beyond their standard reporting practices and get into analyzing the performance of their marketing and sales efforts. Hawaii-based Platinum Marketing Group, marketing the Activity Hut Travel Cub, completed their initial training with […]

Bringing Dashboards and Customer Lookup into Focus.

TrackResults has paid off a bit of Tech Debt and brought in some “Focus” to a few areas of the UX. Featured Fix: Customer Lookup is in Focus! Previously when typing search criteria into the Customer Lookup Bar, clicking Enter would trigger other action buttons on the same page before triggering the search. For example if you were […]

We’ve Made Pane Duplication, Painless!

The product team at TrackResults has started December strong. Here are a few of our latest updates. Featured, New Feature: Dashboard Users now have the ability to create a Copy of any existing Dashboard Pane – saving significant time when creating multiple displays. Additionally, users can copy panes from one dashboard to another*, or even copy a pane […]