Take the TrackResults Business Intelligence test.  We dare ya !


Sat, March 26, 2011- TrackResults arrived in Orlando today for the American Resort Developers Association ( ARDA) annual convention held every other spring in Florida. ( Odd years held in Florida, Even years in Las Vegas).

Drew Reynolds, Co-founder says””We are very excited to continue bringing more and more Sales Buisiness Intelligence to the Industry. We were the first to develop it, and so far, since 2006 , we still are the only ones who offer it as a sole focus”. We love being the best in our niche, We just have a passion for our analytics.
Once upon a time,  Developers used to see our name ” TrackResults software” , and incorrectly think ..oh, more resort timeshare software. Nowadays, 6 years later, its different , and Business Intelligence is almost synonymous with our name.
Todd says: “We were offering our SaaS application before people understood it. Now with the “Cloud” getting media attention, and validated by the giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook ,et al,  clients are embracing our technology. They are ALL cloud applications, Software as a Service.  We don’t sell ” software”, we sell service. The service is what counts.


More details on the features being debuted at ARDA 2011 are available here


1) Google style type ahead suggestions for searches everywhere
2) Day of the week specific filtering read more
3) Monthly comparitives. ( This month but last year)
4) Appointment Time / Tourtime filters
5) Multiple value slection in picklists
6) Performance Spotlighter – Highs are colored in TrackResults famous “Orange” ( of course we were “Orange” before the other guys) and low performers displayed in the TrackResults “Blues”. read more
7) Fast Report View Switching
8) VLO Module – Track Cancellations, Reasons, Officers, Proven to reduce recision rates !
9) New Security Roles
Team Executive role, for Non director type managers overseeing multiple marketing teams.
Loan Officer role – for those handling private data  , perfect for VLO’s ,
role – when you need to track a unique position type)
10) Owner / Non Owner predesignations

Topics / features proposed from clients for discussion this year are ” document storage”, ” integration” , ” all-in cost per tour ” , “preferred agent” , “Goal dashboards for each rep” , “Rankings” list,” weekly State of the Industry metrics ” and ” Lead pipeline assignment”

We put up a website with a blog, ( weB LOG )   www.tracksalesresults.com  so prospects can learn about using SaaS for Business Intelligence.  We still wear our Orange Poloshirts and flip flops. Jesus has contributed alot to TrackResults and has bult some great relationships with clients. BI is critical to maximize every dollar , so we get tons of personal satisfaction watching our clients succeed. That’s our favorite part.  It’s sink or swim out there”

More details on the features being debuted at ARDA 2011 are available here