Orlando, FL (July 18, 2013) — TrackResults, a cloud-ware business application that specializes in tracking the performance of sales and marketing professionals at timeshare resorts, recently participated at Mexico’s leading vacation ownership industry trade convention.
The 27th Annual Asociación Mexicana de Desarrolladores Turísticos (AMDETUR) Convention was held June 19-21, 2013 at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico. Referred to in English as the Mexican Resort Development Association.”


Todd R. of Timeshare Software TrackResults was invited to speak at the event, and as one of only a select few solo speakers, delivered an informative and inspiring presentation on the morning of the second day.

Fitting perfectly with the theme of the conference, Todd discussed the change that technology has had on the timeshare industry in recent years, especially because of advancements in sales management systems, and the levels of business intelligence now available to resort developers through their tour tracking system.

It was shown that not only are these statistics likely to change dramatically from one company to another, but also that they change quite dramatically between Eastern and Western Mexico.The presentation concluded with examples of how tracking all aspects of a sales professionals results could improve performance, efficiency and ultimately increase a resort developer’s volume per guest, thereby making them more profitable.

AMDETUR is a great venue for us to support our clients in Mexico. This forum was our first exposure of timeshare marketing and analytics discussed cross-country, and opening dialogue with resorts to compare trends in timeshare sales of Eastern and Western Mexico. We look forward to hosting a panel next year at AMDETUR, to explore how Mexican developers are using business intelligence to gain Volume Per Guest (VPG) lift, and increase marketing yields. Special thanks to Carlos and Romarico for their support,” said TrackResults.

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Parkcity / July 17: DayStar Marketing, a Club organization with mobile teams that bills itself as “Extreme marketing and Sales Solutions” is welcomed into the TrackResults fold.  If they were extreme before, we can’t wait to see them 6 months from now.
Says Tim Burns : CEO/President: We have been banging our heads against a wall for years trying to track all our sales stats across the nation. Once we discovered TR our man-hours reduced significantly with regards to tracking sales as well as enabled us to  pinpoint many areas that needed improvement. The only mistake we made was not signing up with TR sooner.   “

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Timeshare State of the industry-June2013Park City, UT – July 2013   Timeshare Software TrackResults, known in the industry for providing instant sales and marketing analytics with insights delivered in real time, has announced its June results for Average VPG on Net sales.

Timeshare clients using TrackResults’ dashboards and analytics to aid fact-based decision-making in the sales and marketing arena report an average VPG (Volume Per Guest) of $3,383. Travel Clubs are coming in at $1,102. The figures excludes pending transactions, trade-ins, as well as any equities credits.

If you’re looking for timeshare software, timeshare reports, travel club software, timeshare analytics, timeshare sales reporting, and/or marketing business intelligence for vacation ownership, TrackResults is your team.