TrackResults just doubled its capacity in the Cloud. TrackResults is a flexible and scale-able platform, which allowed us to  double capacity within a short maintenance window with no downtime. We added 4 more servers, each with 8 processors and 16 gigs or RAM… This is ” on demand” scalability and elasticity.

 Database server clones were deployed ( hydrated), as well as web servers,  and every TrackResults customer will see an immediate benefit with faster reporting, booking, exporting and importing.  The increase in capacity also supports the record growth TrackResults and its clients have been experiencing.   

This increase in resources was a smart move to preempt bottlenecks in performance.  With all the new features in version 6.5 , like the major API build we just completed, we can connect to existing legacy systems like TimeshareWare and with custom modifications, most CRM’s. Clients with multiple Trax systems can also automatically talk to one another , if desired.
Read about details about these new features  [more]
The API is great because its been designed to do all the heavy lifting for the developer, following the same philosophy as the rest of our applications, easy to use with powerful results.
  • Version 6.5 also has the ability to activate additional modules such as
  • Pender Come Good analysis,
  • Call center efficiency,
  • Courtesy tour as “Q”‘s calculations
  • Security log auditing
  • Graphical displays for charting and reporting and more.
Additionally,  thousand of users are logging on through thier smartphones daily, so we decided to be proactive to make thier mobile access faster. In essence,  we pumped up the volume and bandwidth.

Freedom ,a well respected club, based out of Celebration Florida, went online last week running performance analytics for its sales centers.

Says PD Steve E. ,

Track Results gives us the ability to fine tune our operation.  Our staff
finds it very simple to use, yet the detailed information saves us dozens of
hours of valuable time.

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TrackResults Software has been nominated for three Perspective Magazine GNEX awards.  We have been nominated for Best Innovation of the Year, Best Technology award, and Best Developer Partner.   Please follow the instructions below to cast your vote for TrackResults Software in each of the three categories.

  1. Vote in each of TrackResults’ 3 nomianted categories by clicking the following links
    Best Technology
    Best Developer Partner (Under 50 Employees)
    Best Innovation

Thank you so much for all of your continued support.  We know we couldn’t have achieved even this much without all of your support.

TrackResults Software is a company that provides pre-built online “do it yourself” analytical tools that are so easy to use, even a first timer will call it a  ” No Brainer”.  TrackResults specializes in providing Business Intelligence to companies that have a marketing department which generate live prospects for the Sales Department.  They have been nominated for three awards from Perspective Magazine. [more]

Sean Nickerson, co-founder of TrackResults, had this to say about being nominated: “All of us here at TrackResults are very honored to have been nominated for three awards.  We have worked very hard over the years to develop the best and most reliable Business Intelligence software in the Timeshare Industry.  We feel these nominations show how committed we are to our product and our customers.

Online voting began, January, 10 and will continue until January, 27 2012.  Cast your vote at

TrackResults staff networked with some preferred industry vendors and friend on the Royal Carribean ” Jewel of the Seas “for a 5 day jaunt to Mexico. The meetings and roundtables were exceedingly beneficial, and its amazing how much business gets conducted when your connecting with the right people. 

An impromtu group photograph was snapped ( 20 mins of posing). Check it out. My warmest greetings to each of you, everytime you view this photo.  ( Kyle, Scott, Diane , Drew, Cory, Lisa, Cathy , Debi , Robbyn , Ed , Patrick , Karen, Troy, Rhonda, Dom , Jeanette .. and other assorted family members…. )


Founded by former Timeshare & Travel Club Sales Executives and Developers, Market Development Partners, formerly known as, Aurion Marketing Solutions is highly sensitive to the biggest obstacle in the marketing business, short term thinking.

MDP is currently evaluating our maildrop , and lead uploading performance module.  It permits uploads of millions of names, for tracking mailpiece saturation, respondents, and enables the call center people to track the original mailed off based on confirmation codes designed for tracebak.

Some of the benefits they have already discover are…

1) Greater analytics on lead sources and source performance.
2) Creating smarter rep list assignments by evaluating reps performance by list.
3) Higher show rates and conversion rates, by pairing the right rep with the right leads and the right confirmer.

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Pacific Palms Destinations , which recently opened thier brand new sales center insisted on having TrackResults up and running on opening day. ( Well that was easy ! ) All the principals ( Jerry, Jamie , etc) are already familiar with our intelligence systems, so training was just for higher level administrative functions.  We knocked that out in an hour.  Signed , sealed delivered   

good luck guys !