Jan 2011-  VDP is now running TrackResults Business Intelligence v5.0 with much success. They required only a few tiny tweaks to have Trax accomodate thier business rules.

Villa’s newest Resort, a gorgeous property located by Cancun experienced it’s Grand opening on Christmas Day, and Trackresults was already there to start gathering analytics for the salesline as well as both inhouse marketing, and outside OPC generated tours.
Within days.. both positive and negative patterns already were already being discovered, and improvements applied. Within a month, they decided they needed us in all plazas across the country.

( Interestingly, the pre-existing software they are using was returning insufficient and conflicting results against the Trax analytics, and upon reconciling and auditing.. TrackResults was validated as having the most correct information. Makes you think, hmmmm….)

Thank you to GO,MP,BK and the others who made this happen for us. Good luck, and remember, we are always here for you guys.


Says M Piff, Director of sales,

“ It’s intuitive and user friendly… We are very pleased with the high quality of their
customer service… TrackResults is worth every penny of our investment. We have already recovered more than we spent.”

December,2010–> TrackResults aquires Resort Promotions Inc. Assets

TrackResults Software this month concluded transfer of all assets from Resort Promotions Inc. This included all software code, hardware, licenses, contracts, client lists, prospects, proprietary rights and development rights, including the domain  http://www.promoteresorts.com
Both companies are based in Utah, and the principles have a relationship going back over 6 years, around the time both companies were building,and going commercial. (Back then, in the “old days”… TrackResults and PromoteResorts.com staff even shared ideas. )

Says Drew Reynolds: “Resort Promotions Inc is a good acquisition for us, since historically they focused thier marketing efforts towards tour generators, and TrackResults focused our marketing efforts towards the Sales centers executives.”

Over the next two weeks, RPI clients using the Promoteresorts.com domain will be redirected to their new servers on the Trackresults.net domain. TrackResults uses the newest Elastic Cloud and IP addressing features of Amazons Web services, providing a wider variety of scalable resources available, and clients should see an immediate performance improvement.
We can literally hydrate and deploy additional servers on demand,( instances) for any client in less than 5 Min’s flat if needed, and configure reserved instances for use, automatic doubling or tripling thier resources during heavy usage (peaktime) periods, and throttling back resources for the wee hours of the morning.
This is an invisible migration of servers, and has not interupted businesss operations at all.

This acquisition helps the vacation ownership industry as a whole by offering prospects a concentrated source for business intelligence and sales reporting. Having this broader client base, resources ( sales, advertising, licenses, etc) that once were duplicated between the companies are now combined for efficiency, reducing costs for customizations and technology development. In the long term,as we continue to deploy to lateral market clients, we can leverage both existing codes, taking the best of both worlds feature-wise.
TrackResults is currently maintaining a few of the previous RPI clients as limited version users on the older static reports ( “Marketers Version” ), while the majority of the other clients are upgrading to the “Full” TrackResults v5.0 dynamic reporting and decision support software currently licensed to the rest of our clients. We want to help them have better sales reporting and tracking.

Dec 2008 -ARDA DEVELOPMENTS MAGAZINE article features TrackResults approach

ARDA Developments magazine featured an article in the December 2008 issue titled
“Leveraging your Sales and Marketing Software”
which was authored by the staff at TrackResults.
The article features tips and strategies on how to get the highest return on investment out of your sales reporting software.
Some of the Featured Strategies listed were:

  • Accurate measurements for accurate reporting
  • Run reports using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Use data to pinpoint and focus on strengths/weaknesses
  • See performance from others’ viewpoints. Get Feedback.
  • Information is accessible to those affecting change

Trax was honored to be cited as an authority in the resort industry regarding improving efficiency by using maximum reporting features. The article is on page 42 in the Nov / Dec 2008 Technology issue, and we invite you to read it and submit your comments.