TrackResults, a cloud-ware business application that specializes in tracking the performance of sales and marketing professionals within the timeshare industry, sees continued growth at an accelerated pace.

In July 2013, the sales management system provider has announced seven new clients; a record month for the Salt Lake City, UT based Technology Company. These clients include; Empowered Partners, Millennium International, Preferred Travel Networks, United Reservations, OnDemand, Payless Vacations and TravelDeals Vacation Club.

“We decided to partner up with TrackResults, because we cannot find any data solution that even comes close to the raw power and flexibility we see in the analytics available within the TrackResults system. To be able to utilize such a comprehensive and polished system will enhance our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations even further.” Said Juan Pineyro of OnDemand, a lead generation specialist.
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Parkcity / July 17: DayStar Marketing, a Club organization with mobile teams that bills itself as “Extreme marketing and Sales Solutions” is welcomed into the TrackResults fold.  If they were extreme before, we can’t wait to see them 6 months from now.
Says Tim Burns : CEO/President: We have been banging our heads against a wall for years trying to track all our sales stats across the nation. Once we discovered TR our man-hours reduced significantly with regards to tracking sales as well as enabled us to  pinpoint many areas that needed improvement. The only mistake we made was not signing up with TR sooner.   “

Timeshare Software TrackResults Implements OnDemand Marketing for Timeshare Reporting on Inbound, Outbound and Mail Tour Tracking

Park City, UT – June 2013 /  Phoenix-based On Demand Marketing, which delivers pre-qualified prospects to sales presentations, has partnered with Timeshare Software TrackResults, the leading provider of Business Intelligence, Sales Reporting and Digital Manifesting.

According to Juan Pineyro of On Demand,

We decided to partner up with TrackResults, because we cannot find any data solution that even comes close to the raw power and flexibility we see in the analytics available within the TrackResults system. To be able to utilize such a comprehensive and polished system will enhance our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations even further.

On Demand uses a combination of both outbound and inbound phone room technology, and state of the art direct mail processes to deliver prospects, to client’s sales locations.
On Demand Marketing Partners with TrackResults Software

We are always excited when a new client partners with TrackResults and we get a little more so when a client as VPG-centric as On Demand Marketing becomes a user. Using analytics to identify peaks and valleys in VPG and many other metrrics will help this first rate marketer become even more valuable to their clients — Sean Nickerson Co-founder of TrackResults Software.

Pineyro says, All of our tour guests are pre-qualified and prepared to receive sales presentations based on each individual client’s specific criteria. Our marketing techniques are uniquely tailored to eliminate the propensity of just booking tours for the sake of throwing bodies through the door. Our background has always been very VPG-centric. This association with TrackResults definitely helps us not to merely generate tour flow, but more specifically generate sales for our clients.

GVN , a client for years,  is adopting better and better practices on a consistant basis.  TrackResults helps them improve startup times, and avoid delays.  We welcome them to adding thier newest Sales Center in Florida, and extend our congratulations.


Timeshare software TrackResults welcomes SaveMore as a new client. Based out of Washington, they added and trained 15 agents, plus all admin staff in a 1/2 day. Good luck team SaveMore!
“Keeping score is almost as important as scoring. TrackResults allows us to manage by the numbers. Its amazingly easy to use and and has become an essential management tool for us. Now that we have are using it, I cant imagine ever being without it.”
Steve Thomas, Vice President of Sales

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 21, 203) — World United Vacations, an exclusive membership program for people who love to travel has selected Track Results to provide business intelligence to its Sales and Marketing teams.

The owner and director of operations of World United (Gurnee, IL) says the decision to go with Track Results was “based primarily on referrals from colleagues in the travel business who said “Track Results is the best reporting software in the business. And it seems absolutely true.

World United partners with SaveOnResorts in providing its discount vacations and travel packages.

Founding partner Drew Reynolds says “We are very excited about being able to work with a terrific company and help them become even more successful. The beauty of our software is that it offers real time data to better forecast sales strategies and analyze what works, who works well and with whom.”

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SKS signed with TrackResults in order to deliver a much more user friendly manifest to thier clients. Previously fax, and email was the process. TrackResults online scheduling and calendar Intelligent manifest allows for immediate communication between the call centers and their sales location sites.

Intelligent manifesting allows the call center to be extremely proactive in rescheduling No Show tours, and making contact the moment thier appt time has passed and the system dispositions the tour as a No Show.   This demonstrates to the prospect that the sales site is technologically advanced ,professional, and communicative.  Studies have proven that No Shows whom have rescheduled within 30 minutes of tour time have a tremendously higher Show rate.. than those contacted the following day.

Before TrackResults, ( and still to this day) some sales sites STILL dont communicate to their marketing dept results of tours until the following day.  Yes..  we said the NEXT day !  Unbelievable, isnt it?

TrackResults software client La Divina resort logo   La Divina, Private residence club in Playa del Carmen took up residence in the TrackResults cloud this week.

   Divina Director, Sr Olivera says “TrackResults is the best tool for keeping control of all sales and marketing departments, It assists us to raise our efficiencies on every area”. We upload the tours directly into the website , and instantly have 24/7 access to thousands of analytic reports about those tours, from anywhere. It’s great.”
      Jesus Betanzos, Director of Latin America Business Development says “It’s great doing business with executives that capitolize on all the revenue potential of Analytics.  La Divina has started their TrackResults with a full suite of TrackResults modules, including most marketing and sales modules such as Pender Conversions and Deal Cancellation diagnostics. With TrackResults up front, and ResortCom in the back.. they have all they need.”

La Divina’s upbeat location shares the ocean view with the coolest beach clubs,  the coolest software company, AND the busy 5th Avenue

Legacy Properties Group, the Grand Island based travel club, is now using TrackResults for travel clubs. Online in about an hour, they are already using the analytics engine to benefit their bottom line. Using TrackResults latest business intelligence for the vacation ownership industry, will allow Legacy Properties to engage in performance-tracking analytics and digital manifesting all designed to increase their success.

Tracey, Legacy Properties VP of sales, had this to say: “Legacy Destination chose TrackResults primarily for the comprehensive data analysis and tracking that was easily customizable to our specific needs. We looked at several options when making our decision and the choice was, well, VERY clear. There is no other track specific mechanism that does it all and the best part is in about an hour or less, my staff was trained and ready to work. We have seen an instant 60 – 80% increase in efficiency. There was simply no competition.”
Drew Reynolds, Co-Founder of TrackResults, had this to say “I love it when a client uses all of the tools TrackResults provides, as Legacy Properties is doing. Our robust business intelligence engine will improve any company’s performance when applied to their data. When our clients see the improvement in sales, it confirms we have built a great application, and we get just as excited today as we did when our first client saw improvements.”

Thor Corp has contracted with TrackResults Software

Thor Corp, a distributor with Travel To Go, is now using TrackResults for travel clubs. Training was completed in a few hours and they are already enjoying the benefits of the latest business intelligence for the vacation ownership industry, such as engaging in the performance-tracking analytics and digital manifesting that will increase their company’s success, and give them time to focus on other aspects of their business.

“Thor Corp decided to use Track Results after numerous good referrals from various companies that we know in the travel industry.”
John T., Owner

Drew Reynolds, Co-Founder of TrackResults, had this to say “It’s great to see a company like Travel To Go have such a strong support system for their vendors. We are looking forward to helping Thor Corp increase their ROI with TrackResults.”