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Sat, March 26, 2011- TrackResults arrived in Orlando today for the American Resort Developers Association ( ARDA) annual convention held every other spring in Florida. ( Odd years held in Florida, Even years in Las Vegas).

Drew Reynolds, Co-founder says””We are very excited to continue bringing more and more Sales Buisiness Intelligence to the Industry. We were the first to develop it, and so far, since 2006 , we still are the only ones who offer it as a sole focus”. We love being the best in our niche, We just have a passion for our analytics.
Once upon a time,  Developers used to see our name ” TrackResults software” , and incorrectly think ..oh, more resort timeshare software. Nowadays, 6 years later, its different , and Business Intelligence is almost synonymous with our name.
Todd says: “We were offering our SaaS application before people understood it. Now with the “Cloud” getting media attention, and validated by the giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook ,et al,  clients are embracing our technology. They are ALL cloud applications, Software as a Service.  We don’t sell ” software”, we sell service. The service is what counts.


More details on the features being debuted at ARDA 2011 are available here


1) Google style type ahead suggestions for searches everywhere
2) Day of the week specific filtering read more
3) Monthly comparitives. ( This month but last year)
4) Appointment Time / Tourtime filters
5) Multiple value slection in picklists
6) Performance Spotlighter – Highs are colored in TrackResults famous “Orange” ( of course we were “Orange” before the other guys) and low performers displayed in the TrackResults “Blues”. read more
7) Fast Report View Switching
8) VLO Module – Track Cancellations, Reasons, Officers, Proven to reduce recision rates !
9) New Security Roles
Team Executive role, for Non director type managers overseeing multiple marketing teams.
Loan Officer role – for those handling private data  , perfect for VLO’s ,
role – when you need to track a unique position type)
10) Owner / Non Owner predesignations

Topics / features proposed from clients for discussion this year are ” document storage”, ” integration” , ” all-in cost per tour ” , “preferred agent” , “Goal dashboards for each rep” , “Rankings” list,” weekly State of the Industry metrics ” and ” Lead pipeline assignment”

We put up a website with a blog, ( weB LOG )   www.tracksalesresults.com  so prospects can learn about using SaaS for Business Intelligence.  We still wear our Orange Poloshirts and flip flops. Jesus has contributed alot to TrackResults and has bult some great relationships with clients. BI is critical to maximize every dollar , so we get tons of personal satisfaction watching our clients succeed. That’s our favorite part.  It’s sink or swim out there”

More details on the features being debuted at ARDA 2011 are available here



March 22, 2011 – Today TrackResults debuted its Spotlights feature. Now the best performers and the worst performers get color coded results on sales reports and marketing reports as if they were painted with a highlighter,  for fast and immediate attention.

In the past, even with the best business intelligence , data can be overlooked.  Typical dashboards are display the RED/ YELLOW / GREEN speedometer or traffic light image, but do not display criteria specific details. The details are far more important and meaningful to the person who makes the decisions.

As a client configurable choice, SpotLights are an alternative to the ” general overview graphs that display an overall picture, , TrackResults is pointing out the performance characteristics in it’s detailed reports , so you can notice them at a glance.  “This is actionable intelligence at it best”, TrackResults actually says ” Hey did you notice this?”.

New marketing statiscal reporting features are being debuted for the  2011 ARDA Convention (National Spring Conference) for Timeshare sales , Travel Club reports and vacation ownership sales focused companies. A few of the new features available are:

1) Google style typeahead and suggested results functions in the criteria selection and filtering fields, as well as in lookups on most fields.

2) Day of the week specific filtering, now allows you to run comparitive analytics over any date span , such as Year to date , or Quarter to date,  and select a single ( or multiples) days of the week, for week by week reporting.  For instance, example: ” Fridays over the last 3 months will show a tabular view of only friday results , with corresponding weeks side by side. This can be displayed as a Pivot report combing other criteria for benchmarking and forecasting.

3) Month specific filtering. Similar to day filters, clients can run sales reports, and marketing statistics to compare any catagory or unit on a monthly filtered basis for year by year comparisons. Example: Display “Januarys for the last 5 years” returns Jan 05, Jan 06, Jan 07 etc, ,on one side, in comparison to Jan 2011 . This feature is a great indicator of measurement, forecasting for future months, as well as goal setting and time targeted objectives.

4) Appointment Time / Tourtime filters – Clients can select single or multiple sit/set times, for analytics.

5) Multiple value slection – TrackResults users can now intuitvely select multiple choices in a single menu , simply by selecting them with your mouse ( or finger on an Iphone)  such as selecting Sales locations  ‘ A + B ‘ , but exclude locations  “C + D”. This feature multiplies the possible variations possible for each report by the thousands. “Dialing in” on specific zones, times, days, types, clients can extract business critical information to identify high performing processes to replicate, as well as low performance factors to apply special attention.

6) Fast Report View Switching
7) VLO Module – Track Cancellations, Reasons, Officers, Proven to reduce recision rates !
8) New Security Roles
Team Executive role, for Non director type managers overseeing multiple marketing teams.
Loan Officer role – for those handling private data  , perfect for VLO’s ,
 role – when you need to track a unique position type)
9) Owner / Non Owner predesignations


The most obvious appeal of such cloud services, of course, is the potential to save money. Business buyers have gone through decades of technology transitions, tacking new hardware and software onto the old. The average corporate IT department has to deal with the dreaded 70/30 rule where they spend about 70 percent of their technology budgets just trying to keep this jumble of products running, leaving only 30 percent to chase new ideas.

Chief information officers have to buy equipment by the ton to meet spikes in computing demand or prepare for disasters, and then watch as that gear sits idle most of the time. While companies struggle to deal with this mess, they’ve become overwhelmed by the influx of data in the Internet Age. The promise of the cloud is shoving the costs of dealing with all that off the bottom line.

The cloudpeople suggest a daring complement to the cost-cutting: Adopt the rapid-prototyping, beta-testing lifestyle of the new era. Relinquish control of your technology infrastructure—you don’t need it anymore. Let employees toss out new services and see what sticks. Innovate with impunity. “In the cloud,” says Tony Scott, CIO of Microsoft, “there’s no penalty for guessing wrong.”

Read The Cloud : Battle of the Tech Titans 

on Sales reporting and marketing reporting with TrackResults-

It’s intuitive and user friendly… We are very pleased with the high quality of their
customer service… TrackResults is worth every penny of our investment. We have already recovered more than we spent.”

   Director of sales – Cancun

March 11, 2011:

TrackResults Software concluded a 3 day conference at the RIU resort in Cancun with the Resort Developers Association and its Resorts of Distinction brand resort developers. Hosted by Dave Mokry, President of RDA and Steve Lamb, Executive Director, quality roundtables and focus groups made the event a real eye opener. Some of the learning experiences were:


  • Increasing Effectiveness and Productivity through Time Management and Team Meetings
  • Building and Running a Referral Marketing Campaign
  • How to Find, Interview and Hire Sales Superstars
  • The new Instant Travel Sites and Distinctive Exchange benefits
  • Revamping and Running A Tradeshow/Event


This loyal group of resort owners have contributed to the success of TrackResults , and we in turn have contributed back. They truly are ” hooked on business”. Tracking sales, tracking lead performance, sales analytics, and overall business intelligence applications were obviously a primary focus, since only the top tier of resort personnel (ie:developers and owners) were in attendance.
TrackResults has been the “preferred” software of the RDA and ROD since 2007. Friday night, after the conference closed , a small group of 37 of us went to Coco Bongo Disco and Show for a VIP experience where ” a good time was had by all”.   TrackResults would like to extend its deep gratitude to the RDA for hosting us. Roughly 200 verses of “Happy Birthday Kyle Hartough” ( social media specialist ) resounded throught the resort !




Says Patrick, CEO , Condominium Travel Club

“TrackResults is the Facebook of sales and marketing. It is real time and provides instant feedback.  Exactly what you need to monitor your two largest investments. Sales and marketing.”

 Without TrackResults we would not have the ability to successfully plan our sales and marketing strategies each year.  It is easy to pull vital statistical information on all aspects of our marketing and sales campaigns.  We use that information to focus our efforts on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. TrackResults gives you the answers you need when you ask the questions.  It is an invaluable tool and a must have for the person paying the bills for your marketing and sales”.



Force multiplication, in military usage, refers to an attribute or a combination of attributes which make a given force more effective than that same force would be without it. The expected size increase required to have the same effectiveness without that advantage is the multiplication factor. The source of the increase is the Force multiplier.
In Technology terms, if a certain technology like GPS enables a force to accomplish the same results of a force five times as large but without GPS, then the multiplier is 5. Such estimates are used to justify an investment cost for force multipliers. A force multiplier refers to a factor that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group.

Some common force multipliers are:

Some factors may influence one another, e.g. enhanced technology improving morale or training improving reputation.

It seems clear that force multiplication existed before anyone had a name for it. While the Mongols used swarming tactics coordinated by non-electronic communications, such simple tactics nevertheless made them notably effective. In the Middle Ages, stakes were often driven into the ground to protect archers. This is an example of “combined arms,” a doctrinal development and another example of force multiplication.

MOR , an RDA member, and a member of the Resorts of Distinction group is in discussions with us over new features for TrackResults including contract storage and retrieval, along with a few other clients of ours for a couple of other features (pipeline assignment is almost completed) they expect will fill all thier needs with one system. Our roundtable discussion with 1/2 a dozen other TrackResults clients in Cancun attendance last week achieved a basic consensus.

Midwest Outdoor Resorts knows we work fast, and added TrackResults in its South Dakota Resort “Rushmore Shadows” ( 2nd resort) back in 2009.
After using Trackresults analytics and web-based reporting for a year (2008) in its other location, it seemed wise for them to consolidate both centers into one reporting interface.
We are always proud to see our member clients grow and expand thier use of our systems. Thank you Pam , Paul, and the rest of you for your continued loyalty. Remember, it is reciprocal, and we appreciate your commitment.



“We used TrackResults for years, and we love it. This was especially reinforced when we came very close to contracting with SPI long term. When we actually went to Florida to train on thier new Orange system, we found it too difficult to use, not as flexible for our specific needs, and missing many built-in intelligence features TrackResults provides. We wont give up our TrackResults.

“Plus , Gene, (our CEO) got a kick from the new Trackresults shortcut “App” Todd put on his Iphone while we were in our Cancun conference this week

MidwestPam Nelson – Operations Director


“ We gladly recommend TrackResults as it is our Decision Support Software. We are sure it will set the standard with its technology, service, and innovation. It is the most effective sales and marketing solution for the vacation industry we have found”

B. Ehman, Director of International Sales