Vacation Travel Services, a travel club in Homewood Illinois just completed deploying TrackResults for Travel Clubs.

James B, owner of Vacation Travel Services had this to say about his decision to go with TrackResults Software– “We were referred to you [TrackResults Software] by Travel To Go and after reviewing your presentation, we loved the way it was able to track everything and also the customer service is great, flexibility and understanding is also good.”



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How many people does it take to generate 2 BILLION dollars in net sales?
( all numbers are approximate, using End date Dec 31, 2011)

$1,984,232,000  sales ( Dollars) volume produced using TrackResults intelligence.
3,783,452   timeshare and travel club tours manifested
82,251  report combinations and permutations available selecting only 4 attributes.   
20,287  timeshare and vacation club professionals have been tracked
8,875  unique TrackResults users.
5,869  active industry professionals currently being analyzed for performance
5,167  mail, daydrive, and OPC marketing venues rated
451 unique sales locations & call centers accessed our manifests.   
82  domains deliver TrackResults marketing intelligence
58  attributes you can isolate or combine for instant intelligence
11  TrackResults Certified Marketers. 
  company professionals that assist you.  
1 day required to train your whole team.
.01%  tolerance for bugs, slugs, lame ass reporting, and complacency.
ZER0 The number of industry companies with our analytics capabilities. 

Complacency : self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of deficiencies   


TrackResults Software has been Nominated for ARDA’s ACE Innovator Award!!! TrackResuls Software  is a company that provides pre-built online “do it yourself” analytical tools. TrackResults specializes in providing Business Intelligence to the vacation ownership industry. They have been nominated for the American Resort Development Association’s (ARDA) ACE Innovator Award. ACE stands for “ARDA Circle of Excellence” and this category of awards is reserved for individuals or companies that have proven their excellence, or who have worked to improve the resort industry. The winners of each category will be announced at the ARDA Awards Gala on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. The Awards Gala will be held at the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. 

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TrackResults Software and Merlin Software Agree to Build API

(February 7, 2012) – SALT LAKE CITY –Two of the vacation ownership’s primary cloud based software company’s have agreed to join forces to build an Application Programming Interface (API) which will make Merlin more beneficial for business applications and allow TrackResults Software to deliver web based contract and financial models to its clients.

TrackResults is rapidly becoming known for its easy to  use performance analystics for Sales and Marketing teams.  Providing instant sales intelligence and marketing insight in real time, TrackResults offers dashboards to aid fact-based decision-making in the sales and marketing arena. Its strategic partner Merlin, based in Australia, provides a range of integrated management systems inlcuding Point of Sale/Merchandising, Accounting, Payroll, eCommerce and Multi-Site Management modules.

While Merlin can now benefit from TrackResults’ cloud based applications such as digital manifesting, a vast array of ways to view historical reports, custom report builders, metrics measuring, tour flow and revenue forecasting, the benefits for TrackResults are equalling compelling.

According to Merlin CEO Mike Pnematicatos, “We have been talking to Todd and Drew for a number of years now and watching their progress as they became the premier reporting tool for sales and marketing activities.  TrackResults is a logical “add on” to our Merlin offering and compliments all the features that we have in Merlin.
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What do you measure in your sales and marketing? How do you determine success and failure within your company?  In other words, what do you measure to get quantitative results?

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again that “knowledge is power.” In the past acquiring knowledge and converting that knowledge into power was easier said than done.  We are lucky enough to be witnessing the unfolding of the Information Age creating billions of dollars from information transactions each day.  Recently, news broke of the upcoming IPO offering from the social media giant: facebook©.  In addition to connecting people via the internet thru status updates, check-ins, and photo sharing facebook collects information about its users, and monetizes this knowledge not by selling this information but by selling the right to target advertising at its users.  This model of collecting information, then monetizing the acquired knowledge is a tactic that is expected to bring facebook $75-$100 billion in the initial stock offering later this year.  Using this example the evidence is undeniable: financially speaking knowledge is indeed power. 

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That’s great news for facebook and there share holders, but, “What does facebook have to do with the vacation ownership industry?”  Just as facebook collects and uses marketing information from its users, so should you.  Collecting invaluable information from potential customers and existing customers or your company’s statistics such as your sales and marketing department has never been easier.  What’s more is that you can easily monetize the information you have collected.  Being able to collect and report your numbers on a daily or even hourly basis was a mere fantasy just a few years ago.  Now, the most progressive organizations within the vacation ownership industry are doing this everyday by using Business Intelligence software, and so should you.  By utilizing more of their acquired knowledge these companies are turning more of their knowledge into revenue by being more efficient, increasing margins, and growing stronger sales teams.

Using spreadsheets and paying a staff to pour over mountains of data is a thing of the past when it comes to collecting and managing sales data to pinpoint KPI.  There are applications available that use technology instead of labor to identify your KPI in seconds.  Take the TrackResults Software’s Business Intelligence for timeshare application for example. Since no one wants to allocate funds to unnecessary outlets Developers and PDs are asking themselves (or should be asking themselves), “How can we shave a few points here and a few points there to MAXIMIZE RETURNS?”  One answer is actionable business intelligence.  If you are using an app to generate your business intelligence reports at the speed of business then you are on the cutting edge, if you are not it’s time for an upgrade.   

It is universally understood that increasing efficiency is on the agenda of every business.  So with maximizing returns, actionable business intelligence, and turning knowledge into revenue in mind, the question you should be asking is, “Am I able to quickly track the metrics that define “success” for my business?”  This begs a more important question, “Are we doing it?”

At the end of the day, despite what I or anyone else tells you, it is up to you to figure out what will improve your sales performance in both the short and long term.  To help answer this final question I have included a list of items that a sales center should be tracking more importantly be able to access these reports real time reports at will.  Most of us have this data or at least a rough idea.  But ask yourself, “Am I able to access these numbers in minutes?”  The fastest growing companies in the industry can. 



Marketing funnel: Inquires – Marketing Leads both in-house & vendor ,Incentive cost,% Tour show,% Tour Q vs. NQ ,Campaign success,Customer,demographics,% Revenue by marketing source/rep/vender,% Outbound mail drops conversion,Bookings/Confirmed tours,Q to NQ by marketing source,Tour Flow,% of generated leads converted  to Qualified tours, VPG by in-house vendor or Referrals  ,

Bookings,Cash Collected vs. Financed Deals,Avg Deal Size,Sales from Qualified leads,Sales from Not Qualified leads,% of volume by team/plaza/rep,% closed by day of the week/time of day,% closed by Rep by day/time of day,,% closed by Rep paired with TO,% pending by marketing source/rep,Conversion % by Country/State/City/Zip Code,Gross VPG vs. Net VPG,VPG sorted by marketing source/Rep/TO


Revenues Profits,Operating margin,Cash Flow,% of deals CXL,% CXL by Marketing source/sales rep/sales team/VLO,% of deals saved by VLO