If you ever wonder what version your currently using,  just hover your mouse over the copyright  (2012 TrackResults   All rights reserved) on the bottom of every page , and it appears.

Version 6.6 boasts performance boosts that are especially designed to help clients of TrackResults who connect to other systems.. or perform frequent manual administrative tasks like adding lots of venues, users, gifts, special teams. For those that do manual data transfers via uploads and exports your job just got easier, faster and better.

Here are the major improvements summarized:

  • Performance improvement for all admin/management pages (extremely fast page loads and sorting)
  • Search for all admin/management pages ( 400 venues? no prob..!)
  • Added Locked out column  (password incorrect) and Last Login Date column to the Manage Users Page (monitoring users)
  • New internal standardized model for pick-lists improving time to develop and test new pick-lists (faster deployment for custom pick-lists and change requests)
  • Added  “listing order” of administrative items for default placement (place them where you want them)
  • Bookings Import now checks and displays an error when importing a duplicate phone number within the booking import file (no dupes allowed)
  • New note describing the existing customer matching rule on Booking Import ( user friendly reminder)
  • Added Marketing Agent to the Lead Import (Designates agent/user during upload)
  • External Tour ID now changeable through the Api (flexibility for older systems like SPI and TSW)
  • Api Get Tours now returns the time and date from the TrackResults database with the exact time of the Api request (this addition ensures no lost time gaps when syncing TrackResults changes through the Api)
  • Last used file-name and  Import Number now displayed on all imports ( upon successful completion)
  • Searching by Import Number available ( advanced user function)
  • Import Number now viewable on the Tour View (disabled by default)


May 5th,2012 :   TrackResults and  SFX  resorts in conjunction with  “SEND ME ON VACATION” (SMOV)  at the C.A.R.E. conference in St. Petersburg, FL, helped present 10 CD players and headphone sets to the “A Music Therapy CD Library” at the Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Cancer Center St. Anthony’s Hospital

TrackResults and SFX resorts manufactured 60 custom PINK polo shirts for the event with fully embroidered  sponsors logos, provided to anyone willing to show up and support this worthy cause.  Additionally, SMOV  Awarded  a cancer survivor with a completely FREE VACATION.  More than 60 people from the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers  attended and participated in providing benefits to these survivors.

According to the SMOV website, “Many women who have experienced treatment for Cancer will tell you that when the physical aspects of the battle end, the emotional struggles begin. The adverse effects of the treatment can leave women, their families and friends in shambles. We believe that an essential step in surviving this experience is to provide survivors with a well deserved vacation to CELEBRATE LIFE!”  Cathy Backus, Co President of SMOV and her teams of dedicated candystrippers worked tirelessly to fund this event.


60 pink shirts

 Click here to see more  photos  !


We are always investing in better infrastructure and performance for our clients. It is not always about features, its also about portability, mobility and connectivity. That was soooo 15 seconds ago!
What has changed isn’t readily visible, however, a lot of performance tuning has been applied under the hood. Here is a partial list of what has changed:

  • Data security can now be customized on an install by install basis.
  • Security Roles can now have their nicknames changed or be completely removed from the UI.
  • SalesCloser role has been removed, replaced with SalesAgents. (v6.6)
  • Sales Dashboard role (NEW ROLE!)  is available for deployment to all installs. (v6.6)
  • All user pick-lists have better filtering and typeaheads for speedy picking.
  • The “Unscheduled” tours are automatically excluded of all reports except for Marketing Detail Report (MDR), Call Center Detail (CCD) (NEW MODULE!) and Tour Status Efficiency (TSE) reports.
  • The search bar is defaulted to partial match searching instead of exact match, causing wider, less filtered results. (e.g. ” joh” search returns ” john, Johnson, johnny”).
  • The search bar now includes the guest-name and the secondary phone number fields. The search bar can be customized by install for a date period or range, to full matches only and/or to exclude searching sales info such as purchase ID and contract number (for marketers only). The more you filter, the faster it flies.

Faster, Better.   In testing, a text string search of nine combined fields on 2,000,000 records went down from an average of 14 seconds to about 2.6 seconds (amazing how long 11.4 seconds feels when you’re in pain).
Our goal is to remain the vacation ownership industry’s only easy-to-use performance analytics and instant report builder with fast results. Any clients noticing performance changes (positive or negative experience) are encouraged to comment to us using the Contact Us form.