The TrackResults Revenue Detail View now offers more custom features than ever before. With up to 12 columns of data, you can summarize Sale Amounts, Down Payments, Remaining Balances, and include up to 5 Fee Types.

One of our most prominent clients came to us with a request to not only break out how Down Payments were being collected, but also how much was collected per payment method. While this is just one example of use, it’s a big one. For reconciliation purposes alone, they’ve already saved a significant amount of accounting time, but now they also have analytical insight into what methods are most effective for collecting down-payments.



Let us customize the Revenue Detail View for you too. We are now able to summarize on three previously unavailable fee types, and use custom naming to match your preferred terminology. If you don’t use all of the available data points, we simply won’t show them on your view.

How would you like to put your revenue data to work?

Three clients who recently signed new contracts with TrackResults Software have completed the implementation and training process and are actively engaging this powerful new tool.

Sunset Group went live on TrackResults with the completion of executive training in Cancun. Sunset’s data is uploaded to TrackResults every 2 hours enabling marketing executives to apply our unique style of analytics to their data. So far, executives have discovered gaps in their data capture as well as ways they have been looking at reports that aren’t following industry standards. This new information is allowing them to improve on their already stellar Sales & Marketing performance.

Costa Vida Resorts went live on TrackResults following training conducted by Jesus Betanzos in Puerto Vallarta this past week. They are using TrackResults to capture and run analytics on their in-house marketing, tours,  and sales. They are also using the custom dashboards for executive reporting. Hotel guest information is being imported from the Innsist Hotel PMS to enable the resort to identify true penetration and other performance metrics on in-house guest marketing programs.

Club Loco completed analytical reporting training on June 19th. They are now able to apply analytics to the data they are capturing on marketing and sales efforts at 4 boutique in-house sales operations. This training prompted additional analytical interests as they learned the power of analytics on in-house marketing efforts, as a result they upgraded to run in-house analytics as well.

Sunset Group has gone live on TrackResults with executive training having been completed in Cancun. Sunset’s data is imported into TrackResults every 2 hours enabling marketing executives to apply our unique style of analytics to their data. So far, executives have discovered opportunities in their data capture as well as new ways of looking at reports they haven’t considered before.

When: Wednesday, March 29th at 8:45 AM

Where: Strand 13 Conference Room, Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA

The panel is focused on deriving value from data already captured – presenting two business intelligence/analytical options: the classic question of Build vs. Buy.

Ryan Williams, is representing TrackResults Analytics and the Buy Strategy on this panel – and how to “get the gold” out of your data.

He will help describe the difference between “Reports” and “Analytics” + which “User” should be driving analytics in order to obtain ROI.

His presentation will use out of the box analytics to identify an opportunity worth over $400,000 per year in less than 13 minutes – using live, actual data of an already high performing client. (Global Travel Network)

He will also be sharing testimonials and results from various other clients’ applying TrackResults analytics to their sales and marketing processes.


TrackResults, the only sales and marketing Business Intelligence provider in the Timeshare industry will be exhibiting this year in booth #18!  The importance of gathering each year with associate professionals from around the world is well known, and there’s no better place to do so than ARDA World. More than 3,000 timeshare professionals from over 35 countries will be at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans to participate in educational forums, networking events, and social receptions.

“ARDA is the biggest and most prestigious event in our industry,..” said Sean Nickerson, TrackResults’s Cofounder “…and our annual attendance is an important opportunity for us to network with the other big players in vacation-ownership space. As well as give back by producing our 4th annual charity poker tournament and VIP networking reception.  This year the we’re expecting a “Full House for a Cause” at the poker tournament benefiting Send Me on Vacation. We’ve already raised more in advanced pledges than we did for the entire event last year!”

Being in the know is a critical element in providing the tools and solutions that come from TrackResults analytics software. There is a lot to keep up on in order to provide tools that meet the needs of timeshare companies worldwide, especially in sales and marketing. Participating in large-scale networking opportunities such as ARDA World not only enables us to offer continual education regarding best practices and trends in the industry, but it also offers a means for companies to stay on the cutting edge in their field.

This year’s conference will be the 11th time TrackResults will be exhibiting and showcasing their business analytics software before a myriad of industry leaders.  The booth number for the TrackResults will be #18. The showcase will illustrate the ability the software has of simplifying business analytics for all involved—confirming why so many have chosen to use it for their business intelligence needs.


March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults, The Timeshare Industry’s only Business Intelligence Company has a few seats still availability at the SMOV charity poker tournament at ARDA World 2017

TrackResults, the Timeshare Industry’s premier Business Intelligence software provider has released additional sponsorship and support opportunities for their 4th annual Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament benefitting Send Me On Vacation. This year’s tournament will be held Sunday, March 26th and is the official opening event of ARDA World 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans.

All proceeds from the event go to charity and there are donation and sponsorship levels available for every budget. General attendee tickets are still available for a donation of only $50, for a donation for $125 attendees receive VIP access, a one hour open bar, and $5,000 in chips. Larger table sponsorships are also available. For more details visit

Always a highlight of the annual ARDA World conference, the poker tournament is the primary fundraising event for Send Me On Vacation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sends Breast Cancer Survivors and their families on much needed therapeutic family vacations.

Sponsorship details can be found at:

For more information about Send Me On Vacation, visit
For information or to donate to the 4th Annual SMOV Charity Poker Tournament, visit or contact Sean Nickerson at or 435-602-2947


March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults Timeshare Business Intelligence Software upgrades twenty four legacy clients to the latest version of their award-winning platform.

TrackResults, the leading provider of Timeshare Sales and Marketing Business Intelligence software, has pushed a free upgrade to twenty four clients over the past two months. These clients are all small travel clubs and/or tour marketing companies who have used the TrackResults platform for several years. This upgrade allows TrackResults to include their data in our TRADE Index while protecting all personally identifiable or company information. For More information on the TRADE Index click here.

Advances in data technology as well as UI preference changes prompted an upgrade of legacy clients? The upgrade pushes them up to a version that is more secure, faster, and is based on newer technology that modified and improved TrackResults client support structure. The upgrade will improve the user experience for agents in over 75 sales centers in 24 different geographical regions.
TrackResults Product Manager, Skyler Bourne explained; “What clients sometimes don’t  recognize is that our upgrades usually include a lot more than what they can see, so they don’t always rush to utilize them. In reality, for every feature that you can see in a specific upgrade there are often two or three that are “invisible” that improve data security, transfer speeds, and analytics tools.”


March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults, the Timeshare Industry’s leading Business Intelligence Software announces speed increases of up to 75% platform-wide

TrackResults, the leading Business Intelligence Software platform for the timeshare industry has released upgrades to it’s core import functionality that have increased data upload speeds up to 75%. These improvements have been made to TractResults Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) connectors, which allow for direct data transfer from various resort software systems including TimeShareWare, SPI, Merlin, and various custom CRM such as SalesForce and dialer systems. The upgrades are part of TrackResults ongoing effort to minimize the time that massive data transfers require due to the sheer volume of information being moved. Clients transferring data through the TrackResults API will also see the same increase in upload speeds.

Ryan Williams, TrackResults VP of Business Development explained “The ETL already helps us standardize and clean data, which is already huge. Now, this speed increase in the ETL gives our clients almost real-time synchronization even if their CRM doesn’t export in real-time. All this without any effort or additional cost to our clients. This combination expands our clients competitive advantage over the competition.”

TrackResults’ ETL connectors facilitate the transfer and data hygiene of all data points related    to more than 550,000 tours each year. Improved data hygiene and increased speed ensure the reliability of the millions of reports run annually by TrackResults users.

Current clients will see no increase in fees for this improvement as part of TrackResults continued commitment to improvement and customer satisfaction.
“Our technology has always been designed to break the industry curve and innovate beyond what is currently available.  We are still the only business intelligence provider for sales and marketing in the industry. This improvement demonstrates our technical abilities in a way that we don’t often get to showcase.” remarked TrackResults founder, Sean Nickerson.


March 21, 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah



TrackResults Timeshare Business Intelligence Software introduces cancellation tracking and recovery features

TrackResults, the premier Business Intelligence Software for TimeShare Sales and Marketing teams, has answered a long-standing Timeshare Industry frustration by releasing a cancellation tracking and recovery feature that assists sales managers in identifying strategies that recover cancelled tours.

TrackResults addresses this frustration by adding the capabilities to track information on cancels that no other system on the market can. By utilizing TrackResults layered analytical views, follow-up strategies can be implemented that challenge the reason for each cancellation. Trends and patterns can also be identified that can influence scripts to preemptively address cancellations when setting appointments.

TrackResults tracks requests to cancel, reasons, VLO’s, locations, and dispositions. This information allows managers to see the cancellation process in real time. Tracking how cancelations as they are received, progress, and eventually are resolved, and by whom allows Sales Managers to tackle cancellations proactively as opposed to reactively, often doubling their effectiveness.

“Results have been amazing, surpassing even our highest expectations” explained TrackResults VP of Business Development, Ryan Williams. Clients using this functionality include Vida resorts, who have seen a reduction in cancellations from 16% to 8% and Global Travel Network, the operators of 3 of Global Connections 20 Sales Centers in the United States who have recorded a drop from 13% to 8%.

TrackResults clients have used this functionality to identify staff members that can specialize in addressing certain buying concerns and are better suited to save deals and strategically assign them based on customers reasons for cancelling.

Drew Reynolds, a TrackResults Founder explained: “Cancellations are a costly problem, all of the marketing budget has been spent and worse, a valuable appointment slot has been occupied. Losing the prospect at the last minute is unacceptable; you just HAVE to get them back.”